Cebreros is one of the most important villages of the province of Avila; with a surface of 136 Km2 occupied in the main with plantations of vineyards. It spreads over the valley of the Alberche river and has an altitude of 759 meters on the level of the sea.

Is protected from the cold winds in his N.O.part for the Central Mountain chain, which contributes that his temperatures are benign even in full Winter.

It is far from the capital, Avila, 48 km. And 85 Km. of Madrid.

There exist approximately three million vine-stocks of the variety "Albillo", the thinnest grape of table; approximately two millions of the variety "Chelva" grape also of table that there remains up to the ends of the year and approximately seven millions of the variety "Garnacha" and “Tempranillo”, grape with whom the red and pink wines elaborate that give so many reputation to Cebreros.

In the same center of the villa stands out the Parochial Temple constructed in the 16th century for the illustrious architect Juan de Herreera; it is grand, of simple and uniform line, constructed totally with elementary cut Stone.


Itis born in the year 1940 with limited economic resources and based on much, a lot of work, without giving truce to the rest is creating a Company that acquires great prestige for the quality of wines that it elaborates.

In the year 1945 the first warehouse is constructed, so called " Holy Dionisia " with a capacity of 200.000 liters.

As it is growing the industry also grows the number of children, up to six, and all of them are joining to the fight without curtailing working hours.

Later there is constructed the warehouse called " Old Church " by a capacity of 1.000.000 of liters.

Later builds the warehouse called " Holy Teresa " with capacity for 2.000.000 of liters, which uses as center of receipt of the grape for his production in the different warehouses.